We are sponsoring CHC Decarbonisation Conference

This conference will look to understand the reasons for decarbonising, how the foundational economy can be supported, how and why tenants should be engaged with, and how innovation can support the transition to a low-carbon society.


The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated that our homes have never before been more important. These homes should be of good quality, affordable and energy efficient, where tenants feel safe and warm.


Decarbonisation represents an opportunity to boost the local economy post-covid by creating jobs, developing training programmes and supporting supply chains.


Housing associations in Wales are ambitious to decarbonise. To decarbonise not just homes but businesses, services, and communities too. This conference will engage, support and motivate attendees to scale up and undertake decarbonisation in the most effective, sustainable way.



Decarbonisation and Energy Efficiency (N8) framework  - http://welshprocurement.cymru/frameworks/energy-efficiency/decarbonisation-and-energy-efficiency-n8/


Energy Efficiency Consultancy (N8C) framework  - http://welshprocurement.cymru/frameworks/consultancy/energy-efficiency-consultancy-n8c/


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