Housing Construction South and Mid Wales (HCSWa)

WPA's OJEU compliant Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Housing Construction is an open market solution designed to provide buyers with access to a pool of pre-qualified contractors.

It was developed following consultation with Welsh Government and the Councils and Housing Associations across South and Mid Wales to provide additional procurement options to our framework for Housing Construction that was set up in 2018.

Benefits of using our DPS

Time saving


Quality and value


Local delivery

  • Time saving - Quick and easy access to approved suppliers
  • Compliance -  Ensures procurement is compliant with U.K. public sector procurement rules
  • Quality and value - Only suppliers who offer quality and value are pre-qualified with the right qualifications, experience and financial standing to deliver your project
  • Choice - Access to a wide number of pre-qualified suppliers
  • Local delivery - Offers the opportunity to engage with local suppliers supporting the wider Government aim of working with local businesses for economic growth

Project Value Bands

The DPS offers four value bands in each of the South and Mid Wales counties:

  • Micro 1-5 units
  • Small 6-15 units
  • Medium 16-49 units
  • Large 50+ units

There are separate lots for traditional and modern methods of construction (MMC) at each value band plus a separate lot for accommodation projects.

The Scope of the DPS includes:

  • multi-dwelling accommodation (such as student residences and care facilities)
  • the development of community buildings which are integral to residential developments
  • the refurbishment of dwellings as part of a new build development and the re-development of buildings from non-residential to residential usages
  • and the scope also provides for land purchase and development financing (amongst other commissioning options)

Current Appointed Companies for HCSWa DPS

Please ask WPA for information on the regional Lots and workstreams that companies are appointed to.

-- Agile Property & Homes 
-- ASD Build Ltd
-- BAM Construction
-- Barratt Developments Plc
-- Beattie Passive 
-- BECT Building Contractors Ltd
-- Cartrefi Ltd
-- Castell Construction Ltd
-- Daiwa House Modular Europe Ltd
-- Easyliving Limited
-- Edenstone Homes Ltd
-- Encon Construction Ltd
-- EQUANS Regeneration Ltd
-- Godwin Contracting Services Ltd
-- Henstaff Construction Ltd
-- Intelle Construction Ltd
-- J.G Hale Construction 
-- J Harper & Sons (Leominster) Ltd
-- John Weaver (Contractors) Ltd
-- Jones Brothers (Henllan) Ltd
-- Langstone Construction Group Ltd

-- LCB Construction
-- Lovell Partnership Ltd
-- M & J Cosgrove Construction Ltd
-- Morgan Construction Wales Ltd
-- Morganstone Ltd
-- P & P Building & Roofing Contractors Ltd
-- Pave-Aways Ltd
-- Pendragon (Design and Build) Ltd
-- R&M Williams Ltd
-- SWG Construction (Build & Renovate) Ltd
-- T.A.D Builders Ltd
-- Tylux Ltd
-- United Living (North) Ltd 
-- Vistry Partnerships Ltd 
-- Your Space Projects Ltd
-- Wates Residential
-- Willis Construction Ltd
-- Willmott Dixon Construction Ltd
-- WK Plasterers Ltd 
-- Wynne Construction Ltd

Housing Construction South and Mid Wales DPS Guide

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How does a DPS differ from a Framework?


  • Maximum duration of 4 years
  • Direct award permissible
  • Fixed list of suppliers
  • Typically harder for SMEs to access


  • No maximum time limit
  • No direct award (further competition only)
  • Flexible - suppliers can join during the lifetime of the DPS
  • Increased accessibility for SMEs


How can suppliers apply?

A guide to completing your DPS application

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The process of bidding for work from WPA Clients

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