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Their project is in two parts:

1. To work with adults with mental ill health, autism and learning difficulties across two Key sites - Hafod Deg in the North and Ty Siriol in the south of the borough. 

2. A pilot project utilizing IT, using the RWGicare platform

Hafod Deg total engagement per activity recorded to date:

Connecting with Nature sessions – 325

Healthy bodies – 7

Lunch bunch – 108

Art/Craft – 168

Ty Syriol sessions recorded to date:

Nature – 478

Art/Craft – 251 NB.


Caerphilly County Borough Council Case study:

Growing Space Here at Growing Space, we believe that walking and engaging with nature is one of the simplest and most effective forms of improving your health.

This enjoyable activity turns exercise into a social and fun occasion where you can meet with new and old friends. Recently we enjoyed learning about different types of birds on a guided walk around the beautiful Park Cwm Darren lake.

This morning I was chatting to two ladies who have been attending the walking group for some time. One of them told the group, “I first started having difficulties with anxiety and panic attacks back in 2007. I use this walking group to get weekly exercise and to make friends, and it helps manage my mental health, depression, anxiety and reduce stress”.

We talked about how walking can be great when we want some alone time. But it can also be enjoyed with friends or family. Another group member felt that the group helped with her socialising and reduced feelings of loneliness. “It gives me a chance to talk about how I feel out loud which can help me process my thoughts.”

We all agreed Regular exercise with others helps with stress and anxiety and boosts your memory. It can also reduce your risk of getting type two diabetes. Something that has become increasingly important to the group is going for a daily walk.

We have definitely missed a few rainy grey days but sticking to a rough daily routine really helps. More importantly, walking has allowed us to take some time to think and consider the day ahead and process our emotions without distractions or notifications. This is key to wellbeing.

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