Wrexham County Borough Council

Calling-off from our kitchen supply frameworks helped to streamline the procurement process and all of these clients were able to save many man-hours and the cost associated with that time saving.

The call-off process also enabled clients to include their residents’ views on the quality, specification and design of the kitchens, whilst also ensuring value for money.

Wrexham County Borough Council have a housing stock in excess of 11,200. When they decided to bring their properties up to Welsh Housing Quality Standard they wanted to specify a kitchen that would last and that residents would be proud to have in their homes. They considered a number of alternatives available via the LHC/WPA framework and finally, with the help of residents, decided on Symphony.

At times the Council were installing around 50 kitchens a week, with the programme due to complete in 2018. Symphony were found to be an excellent supply partner, efficiently and effectively carrying out initial survey and design of kitchens, ensuring that residents were involved in the choice.

Wales and West Housing have a large number of properties spread all over Wales. Their Asset Management Officers regularly collect information regarding the condition of their properties and use this ‘stock condition survey’ data to help build a programme of when to replace certain items such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Their programme has been running since 2008, so this is now a well-established procedure. Symphony Group’s transport system ensures that kitchens are delivered to every region of Wales to meet these requirements.

Symphony’s fleet of Daf vehicles represents a commitment to utilising the latest technology that reduces fuel consumption and emissions. This means it is one of the most ecologically-friendly fleets on Britain’s roads. Careful loading and detailed journey planning keeps mileage, and therefore emissions, to a minimum. Symphony understand that you need a reliable delivery service which is why they have their own, 160-strong, fleet. Delivery routes are consistently optimised to ensure they are the most direct and efficient, keeping journey times to a minimum. They also have a UK-wide network of strategically placed trunking depots, providing greater flexibility and a more reliable delivery service.


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