Water Management (WM1) framework expiring soon

Our Water Management framework is expiring at the end of August 2021. You still have time to register your project and your project can run past the expiry date for however long you need, but we need it on our system before 31st August 2021.


Workstream 1 - Water Hygiene Consultants

Essential services (mandatory) independent consultancy services

  • Legionella risk assessment services
  • Hot and cold monitoring & inspection services
  • Legionella analytical services
  • Legionella awareness training

Non-essential services (non-mandatory)

  • Schematic drawings
  • Water treatment services
  • Cleaning & disinfection services
  • Web-based (portal) electronic logbook system


Workstream 2 - Water System Maintenance

  • Essential services (mandatory)
  • Hot and cold-water monitoring and inspection services
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Water management
  • Non-essential services (non-mandatory)
  • Water treatment
  • The management and control of evaporative cooling and other high-risk industrial water systems
  • Maintenance of swimming pools plant equipment



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