Community Benefits – Caerphilly County Borough Council

Community Foundation Wales has supported Welsh Procurement Alliance to award grants to its members to enable them to respond to the needs of those within the communities in which they work.

All projects have identified a way to build local community cohesion, reduce the isolation of those that are vulnerable and improve the health and well-being of families struggling with the effects of living on low incomes.



Community IT improvements (£10,000 awarded)

A grant awarded to cover the costs associated with replacing and/or updating the IT equipment in community venues within areas of high deprivation to ensure that IT facilities are not only accessible but 'worthwhile' and relevant to today's standards. An IT audit prior to application highlighted the need for the equipment needed to be able to provide IT based solutions to the communities problems. This enabled them to offer local Job Club's, access to financial inclusion projects, and the provision of 'coffee and click' club's targeting older people in a bid to increase digital participation and to combat social exclusion issues faced by our communities most vulnerable people. The project was delivered by the 2 paid staff members from the Council and 10 digital volunteers who extend their activities locally.



Caerphilly Cares (£20,000 awarded)

To establish a universal gateway model (called Caerphilly Cares) that provides a central coordination and response team that understands the different needs of individuals at risk or suffering from disadvantage. Providing advice, support and signposting through strength-based assessments to internal and external support services, to enable them to become more resilient and live as independently as possible. This will be achieved through a strength based, community centred model, which will be incorporated into the Caerphilly Cares provision as part of a phased approach.  The grant funding will pay for volunteer training, volunteer expenses and small basic start-up costs for new and emerging community groups.



Caerphilly Cares (£10,000 awarded)

A continuation of the Caerphilly Cares project. We aim to set up a small grants scheme which will enable our new and emerging groups the necessary funding to establish themselves and provide 'community self help'. This small grant scheme may also be applied for by established groups who may be struggling to get new initiatives off the ground, and would apply to diversify their current activities. The grant money will fund room rental, basic equipment, initial project activities and start up costs.


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