World Religion Day 2022

World Religion Day was held on the 16th  of January this year, and although Team WPA were unable to meet in person to acknowledge and celebrate, the spirit of the day is embodied within our team.

What is it all about?

The aim of World Religion Day is to promote inter-faith understanding and harmony – with over 4000 religions globally there is a lot to discuss!

The way individual communities celebrate and recognise the day varies greatly but at the heart of all of them is communication and understanding.

Why is it important?

For WPA, this day brings an opportunity to show all our colleagues, partners, clients, appointed companies, and friends that we value their beliefs.

But actions speak louder than words! With our recent move we have a separate bookable room, meaning that anyone visiting us can set aside any time they need to observe any religious rituals.

And, as an equal opportunities employer, with our HR department we are working to remove any unconscious bias from our recruitment process.

Pam Chander, HR Manager for LHC – the contracting authority for WPA says, ‘We monitor our diversity data of our workforce and reviewing where we are under-represented, and advertise all roles on Building People to encourage applications from a diverse network.

We provide mandatory training for our staff to ensure they have the opportunity to explore and understand the importance of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) and develop a deeper understanding of this topic and how it relates to the workplace.’

Mary Bennell, Director of SWPA, says; ‘We want everyone who is part of and working with our team to feel comfortable with and confident to express their religious beliefs, we hope this goes towards achieving that.

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